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At the Doggie Hotel

Ultimate luxury in pet boarding and our spacious themed suites replace traditional cage kennel. We understand that you cannot always bring your pet along when you travel. Our team is highly qualified and trained at Pampered Paws and your pet will receive first class care and lodging. Video monitoring throughout the resort and state of the art security systems ensure safety. All guests enjoy 24 hour care for your best friend. All of our pets have cozy themed rooms to choose from that include a comfortable bed that is up off the floor. Their rooms also include piped in relaxing music and televisions by request. If your pet has their own special bed, blanket or toy, it will be secured in their room for their use only. Stay and play with us.

We Provide

3 Separate play areas. 4000 sq. feet of outdoor play space and 800 sq. feet of indoor play space

Climate Controlled Facility

Viewing Window

Constant supervision from a caring staff

Socialization with canine friends


Reinforcement of basic commands

Naptime from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Individual kennels are provided for each dog

Kongs to play with

Fresh water to drink

Purified air to breathe

On call Vet

Your dog has access to hours of play everyday while boarding with daycare at Pampered Paws Pet Resort! Keeping active during the day makes for peaceful nights in our separate boarding area!

All boarding dogs, with or without playcare must be up to date on all vaccines.


VACCINE POLICY – Your dog must be current on Rabies, DHLPP(Distemper/Parvo), and Bordetella(kennel cough) vaccines before your dog’s arrival. You may have your dog’s veterinary records E-Mailed to All of our overnight guests should bring their own food,any medication needed, and one favorite toy.

Boarding Rates

Per Night                                              $35.00

Double Occupancy                              $60.00

Triple Occupancy                                 $85.00


Feline Condo Per Night                       $25.00


Injections                                           $3.00 Per

Medications                                       $2.00 Per


  Any stay over 7 nights will receive 1 free night.                                  


   A discount of 10% will be given after 10 or more    days of boarding.


   Please drop off your pet(s) 30 minutes before        closing so that we have time to get them set up    for the night! Thank you!

What You Should Bring

  • Your pet’s favorite blanket  

  • Your pet’s toys (no rope toys please)

  • Your pet’s food – it’s important to keep your pet on their regular diet while boarding. An extra charge of $3.00 a day will be added to the boarding fee if we must provide food for your pet.

  • Any treats you would like your pet to have during their stay

  • Any medications that are necessary for your pet's health and well being

Kitty Cat Condos

Our Feline friends prefer a slightly quieter environment than their canine counterparts, so we have dedicated a section of our resort entirely to them. Our peaceful and private cat condos are in a sound proof area to make their stay more relaxing. We also have a larger cat condo to accommodate cat families - or individual cats that enjoy their space.

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